Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exploring Mt Taylor

With all the forest closures in New Mexico this summer, I have been forced to travel a bit to get in some of my long runs on new trails. Probably a blessing in disguise, because I've found there are many awesome areas for trail running in NM!

On June 29th I headed out to Mt Taylor, just outside of Grants, NM to check out some of the trails used for the Mt Taylor 50k. I was surprised at the rugged terrain and high altitude available. The trails were mostly empty of people, but wildlife was everywhere. I saw elk, deer, turkeys and lots of evidence of a healthy bear population as well.

Mt Taylor run details on Strava

Here are some pictures from my run.

Near the start of Gooseberry Trail

First views of the Mt Taylor along Gooseberry trail

The final big switchbacks along Gooseberry trail

Summit shot

Heading north off the summit, towards La Mosca fire lookout

Heading down the jeep road into Water Canyon

Looking up at La Mosca lookout from Water Canyon

End of jeep road, start of Water Canyon trail

View down into Water Canyon during climb to La Mosca saddle

Looking across saddle to Mt Taylor from La Mosca lookout

Lots of flowers along ridgeline road, east of La Mosca lookout

View down Water Canyon during climb back up to Mt Taylor

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